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  Owner of Memo Travel, Koh Phangan

November 4, 2006 marked the birth of Memo internet-cafe & Travel Agency. Our headquarter is located on Koh Phangan, in the heart of the Gulf of Thailand. We are a small but strong team led by Mrs. Benchawan, better known on Koh Phangan as Mrs. Goong, a true veteran in the travel business. Over the years we have looked after many thousands of travelers from all over the world. At this point a heartfelt thank you to our many loyal customers!

In the pre-smartphone era, our focus was on providing Internet service, good coffee and travel deals. Our recipe for success was: service and responsibility.
Not much has changed to this day.
However, we are writing the year 2023, and we asked ourselves the question: how we come on the screens of smart-phones which the people nowadays are constantly staring at?
The answer is simple: we need a professional homepage that allows our customers to book online quickly and easily. Practically a change from manual to digital. This is the birth of our homepage phanganferries.com

What do we do

On our homepage phanganferries.com we offer you the possibility to conveniently and easily compare and book most of the travel connections in the southern Thailand and far beyond. We not only connect the islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, but also the East with the West Coast and the airports. Internationally we offer connections to Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. Take a look at our route mape to get a greater picture. We offer boat and ferry tickets as well as bus and combined tickets from many different providers.

Our mission

Our goal with phanganferries.com is to provide a homepage that allows you to quickly and easily compare and book various travel options.
The days on which you had to search hard for departure times of boats, ferries or buses from different providers are counted, one click on our Time table will provide you with all necessary information.

Of course, there is still the possibility to make your bookings directly with us in the office. We are looking forward to your visit. Whether online or in person.

Have a good journey!

Your's Memo-Team                                                      


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